Friday, August 20, 2010

Stephen Segovia draws "Chaos War: Ares"

CBR: With the exception of your "Mighty Avengers" work, the majority of your Marvel projects have involved hard-boiled, bad-ass characters like Wolverine and Daken, and Ares certainly falls into that category as well. Is it a coincidence that you keep drawing these type of characters or do you simply find them more compelling as an artist?

Stephen Segovia: I think it's just coincidence that I end up drawing these types of characters. It does feel good, though, to draw a character like that. They have these strong personalities and it looks great when you put a lot of energy into the art with them.

CBR: As an artist how do you view Ares? Which of his physical and personal qualities do you really want to capture and bring forward in your art?

Segovia: Ares had a very big role in the Marvel Universe, and his personality demands that kind of treatment. In this story, he's almost like a divine version of Mel Gibson's character in "Braveheart." I want to take some of what I did with my Wolverine stories and apply that to Ares. He's a god with so many combat skills that he's a bad-ass compared to other gods.

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Francis Manapul in WORD BALLOON

Check out this two-part interview with Fil-Canadian comic book artist Francis Manapul


"On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin a 2 part conversation with artist Francis Manapul, and discuss his dazzling art on books like the Flash and Adventure Comics with Geoff Johns. You'll hear about his takes on Connor Kent, and Barry Allen and the evolution of his art style from his days at Top Cow, to the present. Francis tells us about his comic beginings, the influences on his art from the Image founders to Mike Wieringo, and we discuss the role Filipino artists have played in American comic books, going back to the comic book bronze age." --John Siuntres


Saturday, August 14, 2010

podcast with Ernie Chan

The Zen of Inking with Ernie Chan
Hobby Star Toronto ComiCon 2010 (June 5 - 6th)
moderated by Walter Dickinson of Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

Chan 10

Bronze Age inker and artist Ernie Chan talks about being an artist in the Philippines, how they worked and the tools they used, then coming over to America and working with artists like John Buscema and Gil Kane. He talks about how he inked Marvel and DC books, his penciling work and some of his very recent commissions.

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a podcast with Philip Tan, Barry Kitson and Francis Manapul

Shop Talk with Philip Tan, Barry Kitson and Francis Manapul
Hobby Star Toronto ComiCon 2010 (June 5 - 6th)
moderated by Walter Dickinson of Toronto Cartoonists Workshop

These three artists talk about their art education, the process they use when working with different writers. More specifically Kitson talks about working with Mark Waid, Manapul talks about Geoff Johns and Jim Shooter, and Philip Tan talks about working at Marvel and with Dan DiDio. Kitson talks about Negative Space and leading the readers eye around the page and Manapul joins in. They also talked about the benefits and pitfalls of using Agents among other topics.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

X-MEN LEGACY art by Leinil Yu

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MOON KNIGHT art by Bong Dazo

"Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Shadowland: Moon Knight #1, from best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz and fan-favorite artist Bong Dazo! Daredevil, defender of Hell’s Kitchen and leader of the ninja death cult known as the Hand, enlists both the villainous Profile and a new avatar of Khonshu to permanently eliminate Moon Knight! But just who is this new warrior of vengeance? The battle begins in Shadowland: Moon Knight #1!"

Penciled by BONG DAZO

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