Stephen Segovia draws "Chaos War: Ares"

CBR: With the exception of your "Mighty Avengers" work, the majority of your Marvel projects have involved hard-boiled, bad-ass characters like Wolverine and Daken, and Ares certainly falls into that category as well. Is it a coincidence that you keep drawing these type of characters or do you simply find them more compelling as an artist?

Stephen Segovia: I think it's just coincidence that I end up drawing these types of characters. It does feel good, though, to draw a character like that. They have these strong personalities and it looks great when you put a lot of energy into the art with them.

CBR: As an artist how do you view Ares? Which of his physical and personal qualities do you really want to capture and bring forward in your art?

Segovia: Ares had a very big role in the Marvel Universe, and his personality demands that kind of treatment. In this story, he's almost like a divine version of Mel Gibson's character in "Braveheart." I want to take some of what I did with my Wolverine stories and apply that to Ares. He's a god with so many combat skills that he's a bad-ass compared to other gods.

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