Monday, June 21, 2010

Inquirer interviews Tony DeZuniga

Aside from Jonah Hex, who among the characters that you’ve drawn are important to you as an artist?

Conan the Barbarian is one of my best works. Working with John Buscema made it a lot better. I also did four covers for the “Star Wars” comic book. The “Tales of Gothic Romance” and “The House of Mystery” were my early works at DC Comics. “X-Men,” although I only did one issue. My favorite character is Thor. I only did a few issues. I also worked on Batman, Superman, Amazing Spider-Man, Supergirl, The Punisher and The Incredible Hulk.

Another important character which I did was Spider-Woman. The Black Orchid was also another character that I designed for DC Comics that became popular.

Can you please share 10 highlights of your career?

1) When Imelda Marcos gave me an award for bringing the publisher of DC Comics to the Philippines so they can hire more Filipino artists to work on their books;
2) Receiving the Sega President’s Award. I was the main conceptual designer for Sega Japan;
3) Receiving the US Postal Service acknowledgment plaque when Spider-Woman was chosen for the stamp;
4) Working as art director for Fernando Poe Jr.;
5) Working as creative director for Yabut and Associates;
6) Being named 2003 Artist of the Year in Sacramento;
7) Winning Best of Show at the 2002 Delicato Winery Art Show with “sabungero” as my subject;
8) Earning six major awards at the 2002 Mondavi Winery Art Show;
9) Being named by the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco as one of the outstanding artists in 1994;
10) “Jonah Hex” made into a movie.


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BLACK ORCHID artwork from

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playboy: The Geek Issue

The June Issue of PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES is supposed to be the "pop culture" issue, but they might as well call it the "geek issue"!

It's got a great interview with Gerry Alanguilan and Neil Gaiman.

... an article about the Philippine comic scene

...a wonderful, gory, heart-wrenching comic book story from Andrew Drilon article about famous cars from movies and TV shows

...they also include a reprinted interview and pictorial with Marge Simpson

...and lots of pictures of everyone's favorite host from Attack of the Show

You know the only thing that wasn't great in this issue were the pictures of their cover girl and their Playmate of the Month. They just didn't look as classy as Playboy's usual pictorial, not as glossy as Rogue's shoots, not as gritty as Uno's shoot, not as racy as FHM's shoots. I know Playboy is supposed to be Playboy, but without really great pictures of beautiful girls, the it becomes a really magazine with really great articles and --oh, by the way, it's some pictures of girls.

(And that rant just went on for too long)

But you've got so many other reasons to pick it up! So, go get this issue and you can tell everyone that you are getting it to read the articles.

Gerry also blogs about this geek issue at:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Filipino comic book artist JHOMAR SORIANO's upcoming project

Liar's Kiss
by Eric Skillman and Jhomar Soriano
ISBN 978-1-60309-070-4


Nick Archer isn’t much of a detective, but he’s managed to get himself one pretty sweet surveillance gig: once a week he sends a jealous millionaire the photos that prove his wife is faithful, leaving Nick plenty of free nights to spend making a liar of both himself and the client’s wife. But when the client turns up dead, his cheating wife is the prime suspect and it’s up to Nick to clear her—except Nick has an agenda of his own, and connections to this case that go deeper than anyone realizes.

Jhomar Soriano is a Phillippines-based illustrator, mangka, and father of three whose previous published works include Mr. Grieves for Seven Seas Books, for which he was a finalist (Top 19) for the First International Manga Award presented by the Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry; Arkham Woods, also from Seven Seas; Rumble to Kaga, a backup feature for the monthly Blade of the Immortal series published by Dark Horse, and many more. 


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