Playboy: The Geek Issue

The June Issue of PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES is supposed to be the "pop culture" issue, but they might as well call it the "geek issue"!

It's got a great interview with Gerry Alanguilan and Neil Gaiman.

... an article about the Philippine comic scene

...a wonderful, gory, heart-wrenching comic book story from Andrew Drilon article about famous cars from movies and TV shows

...they also include a reprinted interview and pictorial with Marge Simpson

...and lots of pictures of everyone's favorite host from Attack of the Show

You know the only thing that wasn't great in this issue were the pictures of their cover girl and their Playmate of the Month. They just didn't look as classy as Playboy's usual pictorial, not as glossy as Rogue's shoots, not as gritty as Uno's shoot, not as racy as FHM's shoots. I know Playboy is supposed to be Playboy, but without really great pictures of beautiful girls, the it becomes a really magazine with really great articles and --oh, by the way, it's some pictures of girls.

(And that rant just went on for too long)

But you've got so many other reasons to pick it up! So, go get this issue and you can tell everyone that you are getting it to read the articles.

Gerry also blogs about this geek issue at: