INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK signing at Comic Odyssey

Team INDESTRUCTIBLE: Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan will signing at Comic Odyssey on November 24, 2 to 5 pm. Be there for the launch of Indestructible Hulk #1, written by Mark Waid. Don't be late... they don't like it when you're late! GGRRRAAAHHH!!! Mr. Yu, what drew you to the book?

Leinil Yu: 
I always enjoyed drawing The Hulk ever since WOLVERINE, and later on ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK. The size, the look and the grittiness of the character is just perfect for my style.

I was really thrilled when Marvel offered the book to me and was floored when I learned Mark Waid was already tagged as writer. That is just too amazing to pass up. Despite my hands being full at the time, I had to say yes! So Mark, Leinil Yu: great artist or greatest artist?

Mark Waid: 
Phenomenal artist. Can draw anything. Can bring power to the page like no one else. Do you know how difficult it is to find an artist who can draw a bombastic shot of a character punching a freight train and, with equal skill and effect, the almost-imperceptible moment of a human heart breaking in two? I am in awe of his talent, always have been. One of the most fascinating parts to me about The Hulk is this incredible idea of man and monster; this is an unimposing man who transforms into this massive engine of destruction in moments of rage and frustration.  What are some of the amazing feats of strength or displays of power you've really loved putting onto the page?

Leinil Yu:  
Visually, one of the most interesting [things] to draw is devastation. The very simple act of Hulk running around the city would be no different from bombs going off at the base of the buildings. This could be as large a scale as “Akira.” I doubt we will go that far since The Hulk is a hero and we wouldn't want him being responsible for so much carnage.

I'd also love to see him fight huge mechs and robots as it is right up my alley. I love drawing sci-fi/concept art stuff and I think they are the only things that are more visually imposing than The Hulk.