Carlo Pagulayan preview art for AGENTS OF ATLAS

Jeff Parker, writer of AGENTS OF ATLAS, talks about his new Marvel comic book and his artist Carlo Pagulayan.

Jeff Parker, writer of AGENTS OF ATLAS #1! Listen as he discusses the return of our favorite heroes from the 1950s and what's going down in the inaugural issue!

It's the 21st Century and the Agents of Atlas have a lot on their plate and they've just been served a heaping helping of Norman Osborn-brand insanity. When he sends Federal enforcers to raid an Atlas Foundation armory, it's up to our boys and girls to prevent a catastrophe already in the works.

"Pagulayan is well suited to the book, even if he still has some room to grow. On some pages he looks like the perfect successor to Gene Ha. Feathery but realistic, and dynamic in expression and range. On other pages his work just doesn't seem as assured. But showing room to improve only means that things can get better, and they're already quite good. "Agents of Atlas" is not a typical Marvel book and, thankfully, it doesn't look like one." --Benjamin Birdie