Luna Brothers conquer US comic book scene
Interview by DAVID DIZON / | 10/31/2008

In 1884, Filipino painter Juan Luna captured the imagination of the Spanish art scene when he won the gold medal at the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid for his masterpiece "Spoliarium."

More than a century later, another group of Lunas -- Fil-Am brothers Jonathan and Joshua -- are turning heads in the US comic book scene first with their original creation, Ultra, with its unique take on celebrity superheroes, and the horror series, Girls, about an invasion of cannibalistic, alien women in Pennystown, USA.

In their latest limited series The Sword, the Luna Brothers take on sword, sorcery and mythology with a modern twist. Recently, Image Comics partner Robert Kirkman singled out the Luna brothers as an example of successful comic book creators who are make a fantastic living by only doing creator-owner work.

In this e-mail interview, Jonathan and Joshua talk a little about their background, their love for female comic book characters and which comic book characters they'd like to work on next.

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