“Timawa, Anino and the Flying Phantom”
by PAC
Sunday Inquirer Magazine, January 21, 1996

In the 1960’s, there was Kulafu, a local Tarzan of sorts, all abs, decked in ethnic threads and skilled at throwing spears and arrows. In spite of Lagalag, Superman, the Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers, the Alex Boncayao Brigade and the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission, Filipinos still hanker for heroes who are larger than life but as Pinoy as themselves.

Enter Timawa, the Last Apolaki Warrior, Anino the Mysterious Crimefighter, and the Flying Phantom. The threesome, who would give the Kuratong Baleleng a scare in a real shoot-out, are, alas, only comic characters from Alamat Comics. A one-year old venture, Alamat has released three titles so far, including Indigo Valley/P-Noise #1 and Shadow Comics/Scions #1. The company’s latest is the action-packed anthology Alamat 101, now available in most comic outlets.