Ex Libris
"A Matter of Questions" by Ruel S. De Vera
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Saturday, April 29, 1995

For newly initiated comic book readers, the rarer and exotic comic lines are usually carried by specialty shops such as CAN, CATS, Platinum, and Comic Quest. For volume and range for the popular titles, however, none beats the traditional Filbars. The new breed of Filipino comic creators such as Memento Mori, Comics 101, the foreign-published Aster and other members of the Alamat group have also been distributing their work to the said comic shops. These guys deserve a look.

The search for books can become an adventure by itself. In the end, the satisfaction or sheer delight of being able to find a book you've been searching for can outweigh the obstacles hurdled to get there. Just keep sifting through those shelves and you will surely find some page-borne story you can enter.