Harvey Tolibao draws GREEN ARROW

Newsarama: Have you started working with Harvey Tolibao?

Ann Nocenti: Yes, and he's super talented. He lives in the Philippines, so that makes communication a little difficult, and I was worried about him when they were hit by that typhoon. But what I'm trying to do is tell the stories to his strengths.

Newsarama: What are his strengths?

Ann Nocenti: He has a great sense of action. And he really focuses on the physical movement of a story. He's influencing me in that he clearly loves fight scenes more than anything. Whatever artist you work with doesn't completely change the story you tell, but it influences how you tell them. The artist has to have fun, and you want them to be enjoying it. And you want what they do well so that it makes the story better. And it's obvious that he loves to draw bodies in motion.

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Starting GREEN ARROW #7, Harvey Tolibao takes over the art of the title, which will now be written by Ann Nocenti. I was a big fan of Nocenti's work in DAREDEVIL, so it should be interesting to see where she takes this character. And now, there's even more reason to pick it up since Harvey's doing the art.

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