Inquirer interviews Gerry Alanguilan about ELMER

With a second edition in stores, Super! talks to the creator of the beloved ‘Elmer’ 
By: Adrian M. Dy Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 22, 2011

If chickens could talk, what would they say? Put down that two-piece meal with gravy and rice? Stop pitting them against their own kind for gambling purposes? Or maybe something even deeper?

Such is the world of “Elmer,” the multi-awarded graphic novel by Gerry Alanguilan, now on its second edition. And while on first glance, one would think that a comic about a bunch of chickens would lend itself well to humor, “Elmer” is actually a moving tale about family and legacy, which is why it was nominated for an Eisner award, the comic equivalent of the Oscars. We sat down to chat with its creator on the morning of the second edition’s launch last Oct. 15 to talk chickens.

How would you describe “Elmer”? 

It’s about my speculation of what it would be like if chickens had become intelligent and started talking, and what would happen to the world and us as people, if that happened.