Inquirer interviews Paolo Fabregas

Creating Heroes of Our Own
By Ruel S. De Vera
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 05/14/2011

[...The Filipino Heroes League] used to be a big deal, with powerful members. But it had fallen on hard times, could not pay competitive super wages, and most of its members had left for better opportunities somewhere else. The FHL now only had three members: the veteran Flashlight, and the younger heroes, speedster Kidlat Kid and the stealthy Invisiboy.

For a year and a half, Paolo labored as both writer and artist, putting together what would become “The Filipino Heroes League Book One: Sticks and Stones,” published by Visual Print Enterprises. Finding time to work on it was a challenge. It worked well with the fact that Paolo is pathologically punctual. After all, he still had a demanding day job. “Trying to squeeze it in, I felt like I was doing guerilla comic book writing. I wake up super early in the morning and that’s when I write or draw. Whenever I’m in my drawing phase, I always have a bag with my drawing materials on me so that whenever I have any free time, like a 15-minute gap, I can just pull out the stuff and start drawing, and maybe I can finish a page.”

Now he chronicles the adventures of the remaining FHL members, both their heroic adventures and their trying to make an honest living. But a conspiracy rises against them and when the FHL is framed for the murder of a congressman, Flashlight, Kidlat Kid and Invisiboy need to find the truth.



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THE FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE is now available in National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Pandayan Bookstore, and Comic Odyssey.