Throughout the various "ZvR" stories, Ryall has made "things go awry" the rule of the day. While that will continue to be the case in "Undercity," the writer suggested that some otherwise-doomed characters might get a reprieve this time around. "It occurred to me recently, as I was actually sparing a couple characters I intended to kill but ended up liking too much because of Mark [Torres]'s art, that pretty much every human character in the 'ZvR' world has met a bad end. And things indeed go badly awry again in this series. While some of it might be pretty devastating, I think I actually decided to give some characters a small sense of hope in this one," Ryall said. "Then again, I'm not done scripting the whole series yet -- that might change again. The mole men in issue three might just see to that."

Though his influence has already increased the survival rate in "ZvR," Torres will be taking up full artistic duties in this universe for the first time "Zombies vs. Robots: Undercity," following a pinup for the previous "ZvR" anthology series, "Aventure." "Mark had sent me a few images back when I was doing the 'ZvR: Aventure' series and between those and some things I saw him do on books like 'Fear Agent,' I could see how well-suited he'd be for a full 'ZvR' series," Ryall told CBR. "I really like that he does his own thing -- and he's fully doing his own thing here, hand ling art and colors -- but there's a certain 'Ash-ness' to his layouts, a kind of balancing of playfulness, absurdity and gravitas that seemed especially well-suited for this series.

"And all that was before I saw him do any pages on the book itself. Now, after he's completed issue one and is into the second issue, I'm even more convinced. His layouts, the different color schemes he's chosen for the different storylines and his development of the new ‘bots and UnderCity itself make getting pages each day a real pleasure," the writer continued.

"ZvR: Undercity" picks up after "Infestation," though the crossover isn't required reading to understand this mini

"As with the movie news hopefully bringing new eyes to the 'ZvR' world itself, my biggest wish with 'UnderCity' is that it really exposes Mark's art to as wide an audience as possible. He's really going to do good things in comics, starting here."

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