Captain Wonder 3D art by Philip Tan

Haberlin Presents "Captain Wonder 3D"

February marks a wondrous occasion for superhero and 3D enthusiasts alike when the two art-forms collide in "Captain Wonder 3D," a new Image Comics one-shot from the writing and art team of Brian Haberlin and Philip Tan. The 48-page issue follows the exploits of Billy Gordon, a ten-year-old boy who is utterly obsessed with the world-famous superhero Captain Wonder.

"You can think of Captain Wonder as the Superman of this world," Haberlin told CBR News in an exclusive interview. "He thwarts bad guys, saves people from natural disasters -- generally speaking, with him around, there are no worries."

"The truth is, Captain Wonder is a highly sophisticated exoskeleton whose creator deemed too powerful to be given to any government to use," Haberlin revealed. "It can only be used by a child who is true of heart, and there have been 24 of them. Once they're in the suit, they taste, touch and feel as Captain Wonder. The child can use the suit until he or she outgrows it, and each child is tasked with finding and training their own replacement. The only problem is the last Captain Wonder had a sudden growth spurt and now needs to rush to find someone to use the suit before everything goes to hell in a hand basket. But Billy has had no time to train and must become Captain Wonder before he's ready."