Whilce Portacio draws Top Cow's ARTIFACTS

Whilce talks about his artistic approach to drawing his arc of "Artifacts"

When they approached me, what I wanted to do at that moment was what I was talking about a little bit earlier: I wanted to go back to my roots and go crazy, and that means also with the dark side [of my art]. Lately in my career, I've kind of gone a little bit back to the light, and I want to go back to the old "Wetworks" darkness and half silhouettes, stuff like that. This has been a great vehicle for that, because I can play with the designs and use the tech side as the de facto "light side." Then I can use Jackie and all of that stuff as the dark side. Artistically, for myself, I'm going to play with how the light side and dark side clash. I've been telling Ron, whenever light side characters come in and interact with dark side characters, I want there to seem to be a space for each of them. I want to try and give light to the light guys and dark to the dark guys so that when they do interact and fight, it's messy. It's a clash.

There was an interview with Bill Sienkiewicz a long time ago, I forget what it was for, where he was talking about trying to visually set up the "da-na-na-na-na..." of "Jaws," and I'm going to [similarly] use light and dark so that whenever you start seeing them messing up and merging, that you know something might happen. That's the artistic side.

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