SUPERIOR art by Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan

Leinil Francis Yu went on to explain that many of the finer touches of Superior's look came from [Mark Millar]. "He has a very specific image of Superior. He sent me a lot of images from the 1940s to help make this a retro superhero. That was our tag. Not only is he Superman-like, but he came from the '40s. I looked at several designs for Flash Gordon and a few of those retro characters, and they definitely played a role in the design. I sent Mark a ton of preliminary designs that we'd change and then go back to again, with a lot of back-and-forth. He really had a specific image in his mind, and I was trying to read his mind because when we were starting out, I was trying to impress him with my design sense – throwing in modern looks and stuff. Mark really kept it to a specific look, and I'm glad we came up with the design that we're happy with."

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