podcasts about how to break into comics

Talksplode #18 - Breaking In to Comics with CB Cebulski, Ron Perazza and Stephen Christy

Have you ever wanted to break into comics as a writer, artist, letterer, colorist, or whatever? Josh Flanagan has an in-depth conversation with the guys who know how it works. Join C.B. Celbulski, Marvel's Talent Scout, Ron Perazza, Vice President of Creative Services for DC Comics, and Stephen Christy, Director of Development for Archaia Studios Press, as we talk about how to get your career started in comics, from independent publishers to the big two, this conversation covers a lot of ground, so make sure you take notes.

How Not to Break Into Comics
Randal C Jarrell (Oni) and Jennifer de Guzman (SLG). The two talked about a bunch of mistakes that the vast majority of beginners make when trying to break into comics. It was quite humorous as they spent about a half hour going down a laundry list of stuff aspiring pro's have done to them. Then they took questions from the audience.

Shop Talk with Philip Tan, Barry Kitson and Francis Manapul
These three artists talk about their art education, the process they use when working with different writers. More specifically Kitson talks about working with Mark Waid, Manapul talks about Geoff Johns and Jim Shooter, and Philip Tan talks about working at Marvel and with Dan DiDio. Kitson talks about Negative Space and leading the readers eye around the page and Manapul joins in. They also talked about the benefits and pitfalls of using Agents among other topics.