interview with Eric Canete

SHOW NOTES from the iFanboy site: We're back with more creator conversation goodness, and this time, we're talking to artist Eric Canete, current artist on End League, written by former Talksplode guest Rick Remender. You might also know Eric's work from Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, written by other former Talksplode guest Joe Casey. Josh and Eric talk about his time working in Animation on such projects as Aeon Flux, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and the Legion of Superheroes, and coming back to work in comics again. Then, the tables turn, and he starts interviewing Josh, which might be an iFanboy Talksplode first, and some really great conversation follows.

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Photo by Jon Tsuie


dj said…
is Eric Canete pinoy? i love his art :)
Budjette said…
hey DJ!

yup! Eric is Pinoy! Living in the States.

I've dedicated this site to Pinoy comic book creators from around the world :)