RAGE OF THOR art by Mico Suayan


STORY BY Peter Milligan
ART BY Mico Suayan
COLORS BY Matt Milla
LETTERS BY VC - Joe Sabino
COVER BY Mico Suayan
RELEASE DATE Wed, August 4th, 2010

It is an earlier day. The perverse and unjust TRIAL OF THOR has left the God of Thunder resentful and bitter. Fed up with Asgard, he has quit the gods and taken up with the world of men...joined a humble community...taken a wife. But when the bloody tides of Asgard's battles lap even at the shores of Earth, Thor must take up arms once more -- or risk everything he now loves being eradicated under an unstoppable tide of death and destruction...


monsanto said…
I did the color flats for Matt on this one. Mico's art is superb as ever. :)
Talaga Bossing?! Wow! Thanks sa compliment!
Budjette said…
hey mico! great to see you getting more Marvel gigs!

hi gilbert! your name should be in the credits box as well!!! :)

I still look forward to the day when a Marvel or DC book is written, drawn, colored, and lettered by an all-Pinoy team!
Thanks Budjette!

Have lots of Marvel gigs in my hand actually. Mabagal lang talaga ko mag-drawing kaya late lumabas! LOL!