Manix Abrera interview in SUNDAY INQUIRER MAGAZINE

The Rise of Manix
By Ruel S. De Vera

Philippine Daily Inquirer, 12/19/2009

IT appears to be just another graphic novel, its matte black cover peppered with what seem to be teardrops, each of them containing a falling humanoid figure – save one. The biggest drop carries the book’s title: “12.” There is no author’s name; there isn’t anything else except the darkness. And it gets weirder from that point on.

As the pages flip past, the reader is greeted by exactly 12 tales featuring these tiny figures, ranging from bizarre love to existentialism to metahumanity to cosmic awareness to, well, just plain oddness. All these unfold on colored, glossy pages but without a single word. It’s unlike any Filipino comic book ever made.

Welcome to the brave new world of Filipino comics, courtesy of Manuel Luis “Manix” Abrera, a world where the panels are constantly shifting and the universe is continually swirling.