Volume 1 of KOMIX 7107

Welcome to Volume 1 of KOMIX 7107!

This online comic book anthology features...

The complete first issue of SKYWORLD.


The complete story of THE LAST DATU, a project that me and Kajo worked on before Trese

We have a lot of stories to tell.

Give them a read.

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KOMIX 7107 is a launch pad
We hope that the stories we tell in this site will take flight; that the creators of these stories be inspired to keep writing and drawing and that their works find new readers out there. We hope to tell, not just 1,001 stories, but to tell 7,107 tales. And just in case we do reach that seemingly impossible number, we’d like to tell 7,107 more.

KOMIX 7107 is a laboratory
This is also the placed where we’ll also try out new stories ideas and maybe even try out new ways and techniques of telling stories.

KOMIX 7101 is a library
And we’ll also archive comic book stories that we did in the past; stories that are now out of print, but still deserve to be found by a new audience. We’d also like to link up with other online comic book stories out there. So, if you are a comic book creator with works found online, please leave us a note below.