Whilce Portacio's FORTRESS

Filipino comic book artist Whilce Portacio creates a brand new character that will debut in "Image United". Writer Robert Kirkman talks about the character...

Robert Kirkman: One of the cool things about "Image United" that I like a lot is that Image as a whole has always been about new creations and new characters, so one of the things we're doing with "Image United" is introducing new characters – and Fortress is actually going to be the primary focus of the series. He's a new character created by Whilce Portacio, and he's a regular guy that's found this mysterious power suit that he has become trapped in and has no idea what his powers are or how to get out of the suit. In the "Image United" prelude that's running in the back of "Savage Dragon" #153, "Witchblade" #131, "Invincible" #67 and "Spawn" #195, we get to know Fortress a little bit. We see him testing the suit out and trying to figure out his powers and everything.

But the main crux of the "Image United" series is that Fortress starts seeing these visions of an apocalyptic future with all these heroes banding together and getting defeated by an unknown force. He doesn't know what's coming or exactly what's happening or how things are going to go down – he just knows that bad things are on the horizon. He takes it upon himself to go out and gather as many heroes as he can to try and prevent this from happening. That's our main plot.

At the exact same time that he starts trying to gather heroes, the villains of the Image universe kind of go insane and start tearing the world apart. The Image heroes are dispatched all over the place to try and deal with these outcroppings of villainy that are causing all kinds of destruction. It's a big mess, and the heroes don't know that everything is connected.