TRESE reviewed in Globe's GO! MAG

Counting To Trese
by Luis Katigbak

Someone once described the Philippines as "the most paranormal country in the world." It’s not hard to see why: we’re warned from childhood not to step on mounds of earth for fear of disturbing mysterious dwarf-like creatures; we hear about ghostly ladies in white roaming the city; we’re famous—or perhaps that should be infamous—worldwide for our faith healers. Perhaps that’s why it feels that a comics series like Trese, by Budjette Tan and Ka-jo Baldisimo, is not only welcome, but overdue.

Of course Filipino fiction—and komiks in particular—have always mined the supernatural in general and local folklore in particular for material. Arnold Arre’s action-adventure comic book miniseries The Mythology Class even won a Manila Critics Circle National Book Award in 2000. But where the feel of The Mythology Class was epic—worlds-hanging-in-the-balance widescreen—Trese is street-level. It’s basically like a hard-boiled detective show crossed with a Pinoy version of The X-Files.