Martial Law Babies in Philippine Star (JAN 2009)

Why we should be grateful (even if we're not part of Obama's America)
THE OUTSIDER By Erwin Romulo

The following is a hodge-podge of what we’re grateful for. There seemed no point in trying to segregate people, music, films or just things that made living today an easier pill to swallow. (Still, it was really bitter one at that.) It’s all here, listed in no particular order and no special reason but for the fact that we like ‘em. (If you disagree, get your own column.)

10. Martial Law Babies by Arnold Arre. Heartbreaking, virtuosic stuff. If there was any question about the state of local comics this answers it with not so much a punch but an embrace. Arre is certainly one of the country’s foremost storytellers, capable of stirring the intellect as much as the emotions.