Filipino comic book artist ERIC CANETE joins "The End League" (May 10, 2008)

Writer Rick Remender a announced today in a panel at Emerald City Comic-Con that illustrator Mat Broome is taking a break and that artist Eric Canete (Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin) and colorist Naomi Baker will be coming in as of the fifth issue. Fans of Broome's expert artwork won't be disappointed long, after seeing the exclusive first look pages of Canete and Stewart's work,. And as an added bonus, The End League will begin shipping as a monthly from Canete's debut on issue #5.

NRAMA Eric, you're coming onto this after a great run with the Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin miniseries. What led you to The End League?

Eric Canete:First off, I'd like to thank you for the interview, Chris. It's few and far between I get to do something like this, so this is a real treat.

Thanks for the compliments regarding the Iron Man mini. I had a blast doing it and I hope it showed in the issues as they came out. And I guess it was through those pages that The End League came across my e-mail box. That's not meant to sound self-important or anything. It's actually quite the opposite. I didn't really have anything lined up after Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin and I'm just very lucky and grateful that Rick came along and asked me participate. I don't really know anything about what's cool out there by way of comic books right now because I've been asleep doing animation related stuff for however many years now. I'm seriously out of the loop.

Then Rick Remender comes along and says (and I'm either paraphrasing or totally making this up - I can't recall which), "Hey, Rip Van Winkle, you wanna do this book with me?'s cool. Cooler than anything you've got going on. So, do it. "

And so, yeah... after that sales pitch, and after a couple of conversations with him, listening to what he's got in mind - the concepts, the storyline, the characters, I was eager to get started.

All kidding aside, it was Rick, by his invitation and his good graces, who allowed me to participate with this project. I really hope I don't let him down.