‘Cast’ goes online
/ Last updated 04:31am (Mla time) 04/22/2007

MANILA, Philippines - What began as a high school memory has really gone places. Jaime Bautista recalled his high school theater experience when he came up with "Cast," a comic book about boys from St. Christian and girls from Mary The Immaculate as they work to stage the tale of King Arthur. Of course, romance breaks out in the most unexpected places even as the play itself threatens to go off the rails.

Bautista wrote "Cast," which was, in turn illustrated by a host of talented artists in a dynamic manga-influenced style. Now up to issue #11, "Cast" is published in glossy full color by Bautista's Nautilus Comics.

And now that following may just expand further as "Cast" editor Elbert Or, who has worked on the series from the beginning, explains that "Cast" can now be downloaded from the pioneering Pullbox Online site for 99 cents (yes, that's cents not centavos) per issue. So far only the first four issues, plus the "Pre-Production" special, are available but they're working to get the other issues up as well.

"For readers abroad, especially, this presents a cheap and convenient way of getting our books to them," Or says. "We've heard from readers abroad whose relatives send them copies, so for those who were left hanging and are dying to know what happens next, well, thatís what the digital comics are for!"

Bautista adds it has been an exciting experience and are also looking for an international audience, but adds that they have big things in mind for "Cast."

"We have plans for 'Cast' that will also have our Pullbox Online presence play an important role. Only the first seven issues of 'Cast' will be available on Pullbox for the immediate future. If our plans push through, it will be very clear why we are only making these issues available initially through Pullbox."

So see how it all began for the colorful cast of "Cast" or get up to date with what Or calls the "dead trees version" at National Book Store, Powerbooks, Comic Quest and Filbar’s. RSDV