The Truth about 13
by Ruel de Vera

Published on page Q13 of the October 29, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

TREASURES can be unearthed in black and white. This is the case with “Trese,” the magnificently moody supernatural comic book from Budjette Tan and Ka-Jo Baldisimo. Now on its fifth issue, the mini-comic chronicles the adventures of Alexandra Trese, the investigator who has inherited her grandfather’s mystical ties, and her lethal bodyguards, the Kambal, as they unravel the spooky happenings in modern Metro Manila. And now, in a touch that makes “Trese” a melding of new and old world in method as well as content, you can experience this superlative comic free on the web by clicking on Every issue, every page up to the fifth issue’s “A Little Known Murder in Studio 4,” is there, and now you can even pore through “Exhibit 13,” the Net-exclusive gallery of “Trese” portraits done by various artists, packaged smartly as police-style evidence. It’s all the atmosphere and action you want, plus a heaping helping of the weird. Find it before it finds you.