THE LUNA BROTHERS: Filipino-American comic book creators of ULTRA

Superwomen and the Luna Bros.

This story originally appeared in PW Comics Week on April 4, 2006 Sign up now!
by Laurel Maury, PW Comics Week -- 4/4/2006

The comics writer and artist duo of Jonathan and Josh Luna look like they’re on the verge of really big things. The young Filipino-American brothers graduated from the Savannah College of Art in 2001 (Jonathan) and 2003 (Josh) and they've already published a popular stand-alone graphic novel, Ultra: Seven Days, a post-Watchmen super-heroine relationship graphic novel, and started Girls, a new series in a supernatural vein. Both are from Image comics, and Girls looks to be even more popular than Ultra. And now the brothers are working on Spiderwoman for Marvel.

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