The long, hot, gay summer
By Niño Mark M. Sablan, 2bU! correspondent
Inquirer News Service

SUMMER oozes with possibilities: meeting people, discovering destinations, learning, loving, living.

With a little more time on your well-moisturized hands, summer is the ultimate date for whatever. For all gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, it's a hot time to support the community by being immersed in GLBT-related activities. When the sun is out and you feel as if there is nothing to do, consider the following good stuff to keep you preoccupied this summer.


Gay magazines are proliferating now! L magazine will give every gay man something to smile about.

Icon magazine is helpful and educational but not limited to gay men. All we need now is a magazine for the lesbian Pinay.

Writer-artist Oliver M. Pulumbarit has just released a graphic novel called "Lexx, Nancy & Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock and Roll." Eye-friendly drawings plus nod-inducing lines equals applause!

Go grab "Rolling the R's," a novel by R. Zamora Linmark. Set in a Hawaiian community in the '70s, it sheds new light on gay identity and the trauma of assimilation. It tackles realities of cultural confusion, prejudice and desire. And according to Jessica Hagedorn, the book explores "taboo sexuality and ethnic identity with refreshing candor and sly wit."
If poetry's your thing, grab a copy of Danton Remoto's "Pulotgata: The Love Poems." It is a collection of poetry in English and Filipino that's too lovely and not limited to the GLBT community.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah, the lovely hero of Carlo Vergara's comicbook "Ang Kagilagilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran Ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah," is a hit in bookstores. Filled with fab illustrations and quotable lines, the comic book is one fast and fulfilling read.

Jessica Zafra, an icon of gays and lesbians, believe it or not, comes up with another edition of her Twisted columns. "Twisted 7" is out now. Its design is so gay that the cover alone should make you part with your hard-earned cash.

Check out "Want Two," the brilliant follow-up to the "Want One" album of the gay and great Rufus Wainwright. Exploring darker themes, Wainwright sings about his battle with drugs and the ever-present love.

Ladies and ladylikes, gentlemen and gentlegirls, get ready for Scissor Sisters, the hottest act in Great Britain. They sound great, they look fab, plus they're gay (most of them are)-definitely something to be happy about!

Who needs Barbra or Diana when we've got Mimi aka Mariah Carey? Reborn and refreshed, our favorite banshee is back with another album. Feeling freer and happier than ever, the new album called "The Misadventures of Mimi" oozes with happiness and positivity, no trace of ballads and tears and heartbreak in this album! Goodbye drama!


Before winning an Oscar for that punch flick with Clint Eastwood, Hillary Swank won her first trophy for "Boys Don't Cry," a powerful film about the true story of a transgendered woman who was raped and murdered after being exposed.

Starring Macaulay Culkin as the flamboyant Michael Alig, "Party Monster" traces Alig's friendships, romantic relationships and series of parties that drove everyone nuts. It also tackles the murder that sent him to the bars. Fun costumes and rah rah-rah performances from everyone!

"Sex and the City" is probably more straight than gay, but the clothes worn by the foursome are enough for the series to be gay. Purchase the whole series and rate the clothes. For gay and lesbian nights, watch the episodes where Samantha gets it on with a lesbian artist, argues with her tranny neighbors or where Stanford kisses the queen doll collector. You can also probe

Cynthia Nixon's performances now that she has separated from the father of her kids and has a lesbian lover.

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