Press Release: Cast into a Bigger World

Following the critically-acclaimed SIGLO: FREEDOM, Nautilus Comics releases CAST, a new full-color monthly comic book series about teenagers and the ups and downs of growing up. The series is about a group of high school students from two exclusive schools who come together to stage a play about King Arthur. Soon, they discover a world of magic, courage, romance, and world-changing ideas, but when personal problems soon threaten the entire production apart. Will their stories end in tragedy, or will they be able to overcome all odds in time for the grand finale?

Created by Jamie Bautista and Elbert Or, Cast bucks the trend of many comic book series by not relying on out-of-this-world elements like magic, advanced technology or amazing powers to deliver a compelling and entertaining story. While there is a hint of fantasy from the script the kids are performing, it simply serves to enhance the real life conflicts and relationships between the different cast members. "Cast is a story about coming out of your comfort zone into a larger, scarier world where you can meet folks scarier than monsters or be in situations more confusing than being in another dimension," explains series creator/writer Jamie Bautista. "But it is also a world where you can meet people who are more fascinating than any caped marvel or experience things more exhilarating than flying."

The members of the Ronin Core Art Group, who have worked on manga titles like their own series Ground Zero, handle the art for the series. For Cast they have developed a different art style following the character designs of series editor and co-creator Elbert Or, whose fluid and iconic artwork can be seen in Nautilus Comics' Siglo: Freedom and his own self-published comic Two-Color Truth Theater. The result is a comic that has the appeal of the popular Japanese artwork but still manages to be maintain its own unique look.

The prologue issue, entitled Cast: Pre-Production, is available now while the first issue of the regular series is set to be released in August. Cast is available at bookstores and comic book shops like Comic Quest outlets and Central Comic Headquarters in Katipunan. It is also being sold at branches of Anonymous.