Reviewed by Rhandee Garlitos
MOIST, Issue No. 1, page 38

A first venture in publication, Carlo Vergara tells the story od Deio and Casey, two best friends since childhood, who ended up being lovers until they parted ways. Years and relationships later, Casey calls up Deio for them to meet for old times’ sake and to inquire into each other’s lives and loves. Their meeting turned up to be purging of feelings their 18-month old relationship did not fulfill, and finally they recognize the true meaning of their friendship and relationship.

One Night in Purgatory tries to portray a topic in most sensitive of means through the medium of comics. The well-handled text goes well with the black-and-white illustrations. While one tends to get confused with the crisscrossing flashbacks and flash-forwards, the story is fluid. The end, however, seems too safe for comfort, and the reader is mislead into thinking that this was the best ending the author could come up to. Nevertheless, it’s a feel-good read and a head-turning tome for those who think that comic books are all fantasy and child’s play.