Cartoonist Nonoy Marcelo passes away
Posted: 2:55 PM (Manila Time) | Oct. 22, 2002 /

FILIPINO satirical cartoonist Severino "Nonoy" Marcelo passed away at the Chinese General Hospital on Tuesday due to complications arising from diabetes. He was 58.

Marcelo was widely known for his multi-awarded comic strip, "Ikabod", in the 1980s winning among others the 1985 Catholic Mass Media Awards for its "serious journalistic commentary." He since carried "Ikabod" to the now-defunct Pinoy Times, where he served as art director. Apart from the daily "Ikabod", Marcelo illustrated the newspaper's editorial cartoon and a front-page cartoon complimenting the banner headline. Marcelo also wrote an occasional column, "Ni Ha Ni Ho", for the Manila Chronicle.

His last stint was with the current Manila Times, where he depicted political events and personalities through his acclaimed satirical sense in "Ptyk" - the paper's weekly mini-magazine.

Marcelo started his career as a cartoonist in the early 1960s with "Plain Folks" for the Daily Mirror. He then moved over to the Manila Times in 1962, where he created the popular daily comic strip, "Tisoy", which then spun off into two movies and a television series. "Ikabod" started in the Marcos era, where "Dagalandia" became an everyday breakfast treat for readers.