Comicbook Dotcoms and other Profound Shenanigans
By Dandi Galvez
Philippine Star, 12 March 2001, page S-6

I am reminded of a little-known comic book series published a few years ago called WASTED. Written and penciled by a local talent Gerry Alanguilan, WASTED followed the life of Eric, a musician who self-destructs after his girlfriend cheats on him—a common scenario that happens to the best of us, although most would rather not go on a killing spree. Eric guns down and mains everyone that pisses him off, from a door-to-door gospel preacher to some guy smoking a cigarette in a jeepney. Containing subtle but effective imagery, WASTED features a came of a certain ex-president.

Still available in most comic book shops as a compilation, I wondered if there was anything about it on the Net. A quick search revealed a site for anyone following the Pinoy comic book scene. contains the latest news by the comic book publisher Alamat Comics. Aside from WASTED, the site features comic book links on the new releases and updates on book signings and appearances.

Already hailed as an “early work by a potentially brilliant creators,” by Eisner Award-winning writer/illustrator Warren Ellis, WASTED is now being serialized in the back pages of PULP Magazine.

Another site I stumbled upon was Bobongpinoy,com. “Stumbled” is the operative word because I did not seek the site on purpose, nor did I input a derogatory attack on various Net search engines. It’s actually listed as a link on some sites with the ubiquitous warning, “Mag-ingat sa aso.” I was supposed to go to the Blue Oyster Cult page when the mouse slipped and clicked on the link directly beside it.

A member of the Internet Satirical Newspaper Association, Bobong Pinoy is a site where Filipinos can say whatever they want and anything they want it. It provides a platform for free speech that, ironically, our democracy has shackled a bit. In here, you have the right to criticize your public officials and poke fun at them in the most heinous of manners. A site that tells it like it is, Bobong Pinoy is an eye opener to the conservative who stand fast within the borders of Pleasantvile.

Not for the passive and weak of heart, the site contains social commentary that questions established institutions and way Philippine society works. Don’t let the satires fool you. All topics are serious, yet lade with humor reminiscent of The Sic O’clock News. I got a kick out of their cartoon link. Just click on “comics” at the sidebar and turn up the volume.

Sites like and will make you realize in an instant what you’re missing. It is chance to see ourselves in front of a mirror, to see our growing creativity, and to laugh at our shortcomings.