Another blog?!

Well, not really. As the sub-head of this blog says, it is a compilation of articles, interviews, and reviews about Filipino comic books and their creators.

This is will also serve as the temporary site of all the articles written about Alamat before they're all neatly organized and placed in the revamped Alamat site.

But this site will not be limited to Alamat Comics. As much as possible, I'll post any article that has anything to do with Filipino comics, komiks, komix... hence the name of the site.

It's also called KOMIX 101 because I consider this required reading for anyone who wants to write a report, thesis, term paper on the local comic book scene / industry. Every now and again, we get email from students asking us all sorts of questions for some report that they're writing. Hopefully, this will answer their basic questions about Filipino comic books.

Eventually, I hope to put up a site that will become a resource for anyone doing research about comic books.
I just remember the time I was research for my thesis paper on SANDMAN and had to go through card catalogues and old newspapers in the library. This site should make things a little easier for you kids today. :)

Please email me at: if you find any article / link that should be included in this site.
Thank you.